All sorts

This is a hub of things I do or am involved in....

London 'Lager' Marathon

 After not getting place on the London marathon I decided to create the ‘lager marathon’. Using GPS and technology and some coding trickery we attached 26 fixed points along the route in google maps, and gave a friend a GPS enabled phone. After each half pint we used a mobile counter to move along the track and race. Could we drink 26 half pints in the time it takes someone to run 26 miles?




 Project exploring music and design, initially for a mercury music prize brief. I created a range of songs in Ableton live then created a set up in After Effects that manipulated shapes based on the amplitude and rhythm of the music. A set of randomly-generated shapes were created and these were placed on a stave to produce a range of designs that could be used for album artwork and print.



Anglo American Pitch

Pitch video in after effects for a recruitment initiative.


Firefox Logo

Logo design pitch for a campaign based around the Firefox 11.0 launch.


'Find it'

A now very old school open brief from Sony Ericsson to come up with a variety of ways to show off the full GPS capabilities of the brand’s mobile phones by providing users with a range of free, useful applications. This was only 4 YEARS AGO.

Creative review annual best in book 2009. See here.